I am a wife and mother of two grown children.  I enjoy saving money and making the most of being a frugal homemaker.  I learned to cook/bake from scratch when I first got married, as it was cheaper than buying mixes and processed foods.  After 22+ years, I still prefer making things on my own.

I also learned the “art” of couponing from a very dear lady, who has since passed away.  It was nothing for me to end up saving more than I spent, and even get several items free, when I matched coupons with items that were already on sale.

Finally, this blog is born out of my newly acquired status of  ’empty nester’.  You see, it is necessary for me to fulfill my need to ‘be needed’.  Oh, I know my grown kids still ‘need’ me; but, it’s just different than when they were still living at home.

I look forward to getting acquainted with you all!

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Thank you!  🙂